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Michael Nesmith and the Not Hardly Grumpy At All string


Michael posted this just now on his Facbook page. I would love to have been in that music store to overhear this discussion.

Notes from the Road;

Went to HB Woodsongs in Boulder to buy Joe an acoustic bass so we can practice in the hotel rooms between shows, Nice little music store there in Boulder and a helpful staff.

Joe bought the bass before he realized we didn’t have any way to ship it to our next gig — the bus had already left — so he had to cancel the sale. Still the store staff remained upbeat and hospitable. Disappointed and helpful

While Joe was “buying/not-buying” I was talking to a five year old girl. She was standing by a dobro tuned to an open G and she was strumming it. She told me she was going to play slide when she grew up.

Her seven year old sister swung by — roughly seven; hard for me to know — with the most striking turquoise eyes I have ever seen on a human being. She said she was going to play a real guitar when she grew up and pointed out another guitar on the rack next to the dobro. Then she walked away.

The five year old was unperturbed. She continued to explain to me the intricacies of the dobro. Pointing to the lowest string she said this is the maddest string. I asked her to repeat the word — figuring I misheard. She said very slowly and patiently that the lowest string was the “maddest”. Then she went through each string – bottom to top.

The big low one was the Mad string — next was the Grumpy — then came the Not so Grumpy string — then the Nearly Happy string — and finally the Happiest string — the top highest string.

I pointed out she had missed one and asked her to explain. She reconsidered everything and then told me the fourth string — bottom to top — was the Not Hardly Grumpy At All string.

It was — as you can no doubt imagine — very cute — in fact almost too cute — by half.

Kids are cute and kids are also strange. Strange and Cute at the same time. Like sweet and salty. Or Hot and Sour. Disappointed and Helpful.

All the while she was being strange and cute Joe was buying and not-buying the bass.

The road is surreal. Odd combos. Circles of intersections.

St Paul was a delight. One of the twin cities.

In Chicago now for a sold out show tonight then off to Detroit and points East tomorrow.

On it goes.

OWH Tuxedo Card Tutorial


Operation Write Home is having a bloghop today. It’s Spring Training themed and filled with Masculine Card tutorials.

The OWH tutorial is awesome – it shows how to make a Tuxedo Card.

I tweaked mine to just be a bow tie with a blue blazer. Totally thought of Alton Brown while I made it, as well.

TPC Studio Dark Blue Color Connect Texture, White Cardstock. Pink Paislee Pop Fashion Collection. Sentiment is TPC Studio Whimsy Greetings in Memento Tuxedo Black.

I tweaked the design by not using a button for the tie and by not scoring five lines on the shirt – I did the outside ones and a center. Any future cards will just have the outside ones.