Because it’s too awesome not to share –


– my vintage Donny and Marie sleeping bag. I got it for a sleepover when I was in the 3rd grade (1978).

Here are comments from friends who have seen it via Facebook –

“Looking for the “shudder” button!”

“That is so Awesome!!!!”

“I can’t help it… every time I see it… I have to click on it….it has some weird… control over me.”

“This is righteous.”

It is my dream to have an opportunity to have it in the presence of Donny, Marie, or dare I hope? Both of them.

I had a babysitter in the 1st grade who would let me stay up to watch the show.  I could try to blame her but I remember having the Puppy Love 45 when I was a kindergartner, living in another state.

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