Focal Point Challenge Card Update


This ties in to my card from yesterday. The card was submitted to the OWH Design Bootcamp – Focal Point.

Paula is the most polite Drill Sergeant I’ve ever had. I was in the Army National Guard. I know all about Drill Sergeants.

She commented that even though I thought something was missing, perhaps removing that squiggle strip and replacing it with 3 embellishments on the lower right might be the thing to do.

I cut off the lower portion of the card – I like that squiggle strip but it was the wrong thing for this card. I adhered the remains of the card to a new base, added a new black strip to level out the playing field and then added 3 brads from Recollections. (3, not 4 because things look bettter in odd numbers.) This allows the pinwheel to be even more of a focal point than it was.

If Paula wanted to have a bootcamp class and it was anywhere near me, I’d sign up in a heartbeat. I’ve got lots of learning to do, I’m not even half a year old yet.

2 responses

  1. I think this strengthens the pinwheel/sentiment by eliminating some competition. Sometimes it can be hard to decide if adding or eliminating is the better choice, even if are an experienced designer. A good technique when you’re not sure is to consider laying everything out using just some small dabs of removable adhesive (tiny glue dots are what I use) and give yourself some time to decide whether or not it works. I often times put a card that I am struggling with off to the side and move on to another and more often than not when I come back to it with a fresh set of eyes I can automatically spot what doesn’t seem quite right. Thanks so much for your kind words Kara. I’m excited and happy to be able to share what I know. 🙂