Double Unicorn Success Club


So, I was at a favorite thrift this morning. As I walked down their figurine aisle, I spotted something amazing, and then I spotted its mate.

Double Unicorn, WHAT?

Then, I turned them around.

Oh. My. Rainbowlicious Goodness. Double Unicorn Rainbow Success Club, yes indeedy.

I knew I’d have to pass these along to The Bloggess as they look like they sort of belong to her. I hope she understands that I mean that in the best possible of ways.

(Also, great timing – she just announced the paperback release of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. See post below.)

One response

  1. Those are totally awesome! I am such a sucker for rainbows. So funny because I just did a post about that recently!
    They do look like they belong to the Bloggess, so funny.