Daily Archives: December 23, 2012

OWH Sketch Challenge 152


Operation Write Home has a new sketch challenge up – #152.

Here’s my take –

Wausau Fleck cardstock front and sentiment. Black, yellow and vellum are from stash. Sizzix texture folder. Shapeabilities large scalloped octagons. Sentiment is Studio G Lynette Anderson Taylor in Memento Tuxedo Black with Distress Inks in Wild Honey.

Mike Nesmith on the end of the world


Mike posted this on his Facebook page yesterday, 12/22/12.

I am so happy the world finally ended. I was wondering if it would –if the date would just come and go and all whose people who were wrong would just never admit it, and all those who were curious would just never know.

But sure enough, — here we all are, on the other side. We are all good. We can move on now. I am happy to let those who thought the world would end have their way.

For me, the world ends a little bit all the time anyway, replaced at every turn by a bright new one with endless possibilities for good.

In case you didn’t know there is a secret society of very powerful grown ups. By powerful I mean like having the Queens veto. (the cabby says to me in the UK “nah, she don’t have no power really, just a title is all. We love her but she can’t do nuffink — oh, well, I mean, she can dissolve Parliament.”)

I can bring a convivial family meal to a complete and silent halt by just looking up and saying “Now, tell me who all you people are again”.

It’s one of those semi-funny jokes that only works if you are the oldest one at the table. The moment hangs on “Is Papanez nuts, or self-aware and just kidding?”

It mustn’t linger too long. It has to be resolved quickly — followed by the smile and the twinkle — and no, no, no — Papanez was just kidding. It also only works on paper. I did it once in real life — never again. Big mistake. It is way too scary and cruel. Don’t try this at home.

It is a strange paradox — absolute and no power at the same time.

In the NYTimes I read the article on the old rockers getting together for 12-12-12 and how they all looked silly trying to look younger. What the writer didn’t know was a part of it was the America Gene at work and the old rockers were caught in it.

The other part was a variation on the power paradox – hanging on to the idea that only youth confers power while using a power only gained by being a old rocker. It’s a trap door — but, happily true to its paradoxical origins, it is only a trap from one side.

As my world continues to end, I am delighted and amazed by its constant renewal. As I admit mistakes I realize I am not locking the mistakes in, but getting rid of them.

Then I am on the other side — all is well, all is made new, all is forgiven. The end becomes the beginning.