Mike Nesmith on great reviews and happy touring


Mike posted this on his Facebook page on 11/25/12. Happiness.

 Its hard to describe how much fun I am having performing and playing music live to an audience.

The Monkees concerts are so gratifying, as are my solo shows. There is a reciprocity in a live show that is not approachable from any other direction than live and real time.

The writer for the Chicago Tribune really caught the spirit. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-11-17/entertainment/ct-ent-1119-monkees-review-20121118_1_tork-and-nesmith-monkees-daydream-believer

Can’t wait to get to NYC. Thinking maybe I’ll set up a solo tour for the US.

Thanks for all the support and wonderful response.

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