Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

Mike on touring with the Monkees


Mike posted this on his Facebook page yesterday – 11/14/12.

Off to Minn Cleve Chi and Buffalo.

So far its been lots of fun –especially the Greek. I had a great time skating the stage in my Jimmy Choos and Mooging the Nightly — there is something particularly fun to me about an outdoor venue.

All my kids are in LA as well and were there — another plus. I am so happy Christian, my son and Jessica, my daughter are working on the tour with me.

The thing about Monkees music is there is no “thing” about it. It just sits there like a kid with chocolate all over its face and smiles.

Thanks to the critic at examiner.com for picking up on all this. Thanks to all of you grown-ups for letting the inner child take control for an evening. Thanks to all the children for being children.