Mike as Moog


Mike Nesmith posted this on his Facebook page earlier today.

Facebook has its charms — but it sets up a kind of spoiler/non-spoiler dynamic that takes some time and management un-anticipated a few years ago.

What I mean is that when Mick and I started doing the Mike as Moog bit in rehearsals we couldn’t get through the song for laughing. Then when Peter joined up he started laughing really hard as well.

So, we decided to do it for the show since it was so much fun. Mick and I set up a little routine to introduce it that included some old sort of corny show biz tricks — fun and goofy, but pretty well worn out — and we launched it at Escondido.

Predictably it was really laugh out loud funny and we had a great time doing it — and the audience all did great coffee, coke, and water spits.

Mick and I are almost use to it, but but we still get the “knobs” — those little tired muscles on each cheek that start to ache after a smile sticks around for about an hour. The “knobs” are a Bill Martin conceit (Elephant Parts) that has persisted because of its almost perfectly accurate description of an indescribable thing.

Mick and I get the knobs every time we do the bit. After the Escondido premier of Mike as Moog — the whole audience started getting the knobs — and we felt we were set to do MAM for the whole run — all the way to NYC.

Then somebody posted the Escondido bit on FB and — and, oops, there we were — the corny set up gag was blown so Mick and I had to figure our way around it.

I know a lot of you have no idea what I’m talking about –but I can’t help you in this post — so for those of you who do, here’s what we came up with:

We figure that Mike as Moog had a genuinely funny origin — I just started doing it while Micky was singing Daily Nightly and we started laughing so hard we couldn’t finish — that was all quite real and it was only the set-up we wrote together that went stale the moment the FB post of the Escondido show went up — so we decided to drop the set-up and just do Mike as Moog.

MAM is funny on its own anyway — and it adds to merriment of the moment without a word being spoken.

I have been practicing Moog bleeps and warps to gather some vocabulary.

I am surprised how many of them sound like the distressed laughter of chickens. Distressed laughter = laughing till you choke.

Not sure what all this signifies — but the 2012 Monkees Tour continues its unfoldment in the strangest of ways.

See you out there — way out there.


Here’s my video of Mike as Moog –


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