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Mike Nesmith in conversation with himself


Mike Nesmith posted this on Facebook yesterday, 11/02/2012. I so can’t wait for a month from now when I get to see him in NY.

Dear Mike.

I remember you and I see you over there with that grin and twinkle in your eye, getting ready to channel Mike for the whole month of November.

Now that I’m back from the UK and my solo concerts (yes I had a wonderful time, thanks!) you just can’t wait to get out with “the boys” and see what kind of trouble you can get into — I know.

But here’s the thing, Mike. You can only take this thing so far. First of all you’re grown up, and you should know better. And second, there are people who don’t like you fooling with their Monkees.

Yes, the show looks great — the way the boys have it set it up sounds like a lot of fun, and goes to the heart of the whole phenomenon. And yes, I have no doubt you will make a lot of Monkees fans very very happy — you might even make a lot of non-Monkees fans happy, with all the footage from the sixties and the video screen and the back-up band. Especially the Headquarters segment and Head.

(You know of course that Christian is playing with the back up band, and I particularly do not want you to embarrass him.)

But — listen up! That whole FB thing you pulled about Daydream Believer with Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Spacey and all; that was really childish.

I know very well that you and the boys had already decided how to handle the Davy part of the show with a lot of love and respect and kndness and care — and I know the Daydream Believer kerfuffle you caused was just a prank– that the whole thing was well settled before you started all those hi-jinx. I know, but still — you couldn’t resist. I’m sure you thought it was very funny.

But sometimes Mike, you mistake beign the smart Monkee for being the smart-alec Monkee, and that really confuses people. It’s fun for you, I know, but just keep it cool.

I want you to go out there, and play those great old songs, and behave yourself. They are even playing some of the obscure things I wrote, like Tapioca Tundra, and I would appreciate it if you would just do the song like I wrote it and show a little restraint.

And Daily Nightly.

Especially Daily Nightly, the one with Micky’s first moog. That was a very special song to me, Mike — it said something deep and important about the whole sixties Sunset Strip thing. Listen to me! I’m not kidding. Don’t go messing around with that.

You remember the Strip, right. That’s one of the places where you were born. So, show some respect — you can play around all you want — but just remember, The Monkees meant a lot to a lot of people and a lot of them don’t want you fooling around with it.

Do you hear me?

Mike? Mike? Are you listening to me?