Daily Archives: October 7, 2012

So, John Cusack walks on stage…


… at a Peter Gabriel concert. In Los Angeles. Right before In Your Eyes. He’s holding a boombox. And NO ONE GETS A CLEAR PICTURE OF IT. (as of 8:00 am ET the next day none had been posted.)

People of LA, I am very, very disappointed in you. Had it been me, I’d have had pics, video and a second by second description of said event up on Facebook, Twitter and youtube within an hour of the show ending.

Here’s the picture that John posted after it happened:

Notice the monitor on the right and the lyrics that are upon it.

To be fair, @ThisCre8iveLife, Renee Gallifrey, Tweeted this Instagram shot

but if it wasn’t captioned, you’d have no idea what it was.

Even Say Anything Director Cameron Crowe tweeted about this –

I want to see John Cusack holding a boombox. And then I want to see Peter Gabriel holding it over his head, which he apparently did. How long are you going to make me wait?

UPDATED: Finally found a video – a sincere thank you to Tracy Kreckman. Unfortunately, they followed John off stage so you only have a half glimpse of Peter holding the boombox up in the air.