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Mike Nesmith on pancakes…


This is a Facebook post of Mike’s from 8/31. I enjoyed the story.

“I saw this re-tweeted.

“If Romney is elected, Clint Eastwood will be named Secretary of BlargleflagglemurplePANCAKES!!​!”

When I had a place in New Mexico one of the people who worked for me there asked if I had some work for his father. I looked around and found a job that needed doing, and was easy enough, and hired him — but I never knew the man’s name.

Which is not as odd as it sounds since I never actually met him.

Right after he was hired I was talking about daily chores one morning while I was having breakfast and the sentence came out “Is this something Pancakes can do?”

From then on Pancakes became his default nickname when talking about him, and though it was not a term of endearment it was also not a pejorative — just a simple, and respectful way to refer to him. “Perhaps Pancakes can do this” or “Is Pancakes here today?” Respectful — and lighthearted. I smiled every time I said it. Pretty soon most of my friends and staff also referred to him as Pancakes.

Never to his face, because no one else had ever actually met him either. He kept happily to himself and we sent any messages along through his son.

Pancakes jobs consisted of a lot of little chores; helpful, but not critical path. The job seemed to give him a sense of self respect and purpose. He was quite elderly and moved very slow, but he carried himself with pride and did the little jobs well.

There was another odd and funny wrinkle in all this.

He and his son seemed to get along well enough, although there was tension from time to time between them.

The tension was palpable — father and son stuff. The son, on about the usual things that he did, and Pancakes on about the things that he did — except there would be little barks and snaps. It was best to stay clear of these moments.

His son’s name was Jesus.

So it was that, from time to time the call would ring out, Pancakes and Jesus are fighting — and a little caution light would go on and we would all give them a wide berth.

This was a while ago — a much different time. I don’t imagine Pancakes is with us any more — I don’t know what happened to his son. We all went our ways. I haven’t thought of Pancakes until I saw the re tweet from the RNC.

I thought of Jesus request for a job for Pancakes, and how grateful they both were, how much it meant to them to have it. Not for the income, but for the self-respect.

I didn’t know then that Pancakes would become the name of a cabinet level post, but I am glad to see Pancakes memory preserved — at least in my mind.”