Daily Archives: August 3, 2012

An amusing review of Shoes Ignition


Just saw this posted as a link on Facebook. Most interesting start to a review of Ignition that I’ve read yet.

“I was never much of a fan of Shoes. For me, listening to Murphy and the boys was the equivalent of going out to eat at the Olive Garden. It’s okay for a change, but I always leave craving something a bit more substantive.

If the old Shoes was a trip to the Olive Garden, their new release, “Ignition”, is an invitation to dine at the Vatican. With the Pope. And he lets you wear the funny hat.”

Thank you for the very early morning laugh, Richard Rossi.

For the full review – http://orangemen44.com/2012/a-review-of-shoes-ignition-or-start-me-ups-evil-twin/

Buy Ignition.