Daily Archives: July 16, 2012

Good Vibrations – Christian Nesmith Circe Link and Robbie Rist


I subscribe to Mike Nesmith’s Facebook posts. He was always my favorite Monkee, loved all his songs and enjoyed what he did after the show. I was incredibly happy that I got to see him perform with the other guys during the 30th Anniversary tour in England.

Yesterday he posted a video. His son Christian, along with Circe Link and Robbie Rist (yes, that Robbie Rist – the one who played Cousin Oliver on the Brady Bunch) did a version of the Beach Boys Good Vibrations. What makes it amazing, more than just their vocals, is that Christian played all the instruments on the song – he didn’t sample anything from the original.

The song is an offering for a Theme Music challlege – the theme is summer. They nailed it.