Daily Archives: July 14, 2012

Playing Hide and Seek with a Killer Whale


A friend recently posted on Facebook that she was heading to Sea World with her family. I commented that she needed to make sure to go to the lower viewing area at the Killer Whale exhibit (assuming it is still open) for some great photo ops.

Spring Break 2008, we took a cruise from NYC to the Bahamas. The first stop was Port Canaveral so we rented a car and spent the day at Sea World. At one point while just walking around, we found an area where there are viewing panels to watch the Killer Whales. At the time, there were some youngsters in the tanks and there were super playful. They’d come to the glass to check stuff out, swim away and then come back again. I got some great pics of our youngest daughter with them.

I see you.

I see you, too.