A great interview with Shoes about the new album, Ignition. Thanks for good questions Ryan Meehan.

First Order Historians

by Ryan Meehan

Shoes, the trailblazing guitar-pop combo from tiny Zion, Illinois — who in the 1970s prefigured the home-recording DIY boom of the ’90s and beyond — will release their first album of new material since 1994 on August 14, 2012.  Ignition switches on with 15 fresh, vital tracks from Shoes’ three founding members and songwriters: bassist-vocalist John Murphy, guitarist-vocalist Jeff Murphy, and guitarist-vocalist Gary Klebe, plus longtime stage drummer John Richardson. Self-produced and released on the band’s own Black Vinyl Records, Ignition not only carries on Shoes’ cult-heroic tradition of edibly tuneful, harmony-honeycombed guitar pop; it ventures intriguingly beyond those comfortable (though undeniably rewarding) borders as well. Altogether the work of seasoned, mature musicians whose singular trajectory as 100-percent self-taught, self-created recording artists has been outside-the-box since it began, Ignition showcases Shoes at their technical and artistic peak.  We are extremely honored to have Jeff Murphy, Gary Klebe…

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