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Katy Perry: Part of Me


So, I know who Katy Perry is. I’ve heard some songs on the radio, seen parts of performances on awards shows, seen red carpet events. I’ve always appreciated her fashion sense (she’s like a CandyLand Pin-Up) and liked her voice. I haven’t owned any of her music though – I listen to more of an alt rock style.

Yesterday, we went to the movies. The hubster saw Spiderman (very disappointed he was, too. He walked out 1.5 hours in – one word review – “Boring”.) Mel and I saw Part of Me. We’re not 3D fans so saw the 2D version.

The movie caught me immediately. I love behind the scenes stuff. I generally buy DVDs for the extras and making of bits. Seeing costumes in the making and choreography was cool. Also enjoyed seeing Katy throughout as pretty much just a regular person. No make-up, working out, napping etc.

A review I read sums up the biggest thing about this movie – “the film’s ability to summon emotion. In a bit of dramatic irony, thanks to People and Us Weekly, the audience knows Perry’s marriage is over while she’s still murmuring on screen about having found the love of her life. Celebrity marriages, with their orchestrations and short life spans, can seem trivial, but the breakup actually causes a palpable sorrow.” *

The reviewer wasn’t lying. There comes a time in the movie when you know what’s going on, but apparently no one in Katy’s camp does. I sat there in the theatre with tears pouring down my face. Really. I was crying. A lot.  Thank goodness I always sit in the back row and I have the ability to cry silently.

There’s a scene that is shown again and again – the set-up to the concert opening song Teenage Dream. It’s interesting to see how it evolves during the tour. Katy goes from super cute, candy sweet performer to girl next door, not wanting to disappoint fans even though her personal life is in a shambles and her heart is broken.

Overall though, this is a fun movie. Several song performances are featured. You get to see goofy stuff with Katy and her sister. You learn her background and how different music companies tried to mold her into something other than herself. I came out of it a fan, with the hankering to buy CDs. I guess the movie did its job. I recommend bringing tissues though.

*Washington Post review by Stephanie Merry