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Jenny Lawson / The Bloggess in Gaithersburg


So, as previous posts have made quite clear, I’m a bit of a fan of Jenny Lawson / The Bloggess.  A teeny, tiny fan. Yeah, that’s it. (Would you like to see my Lawsbian Pride t-shirt? It’s in my closet…)

When she was on her book tour for Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, I was initially disappointed that her only east coast date was in NYC. Knowing Jenny suffers from anxiety, I wasn’t going to beg and plead for a local appearance. If something came close, so be it.

Then the second leg of the tour was announced. Was there a date locally? No, there wasn’t one date – there were TWO!!! She was going to appear in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Saturday, May 19, and in Annapolis, Maryland, on Sunday, May 20. Woohoo, look at me and my Bloggess filled weekend.

The Saturday appearance was at The Gaithersburg Book Festival. All the various authors were appearing in different tents with 20-30 minute time slots. Not doubting the power of the Bloggess, I arrived two and a half hours early. The first thing I noticed was the large police presence. It struck me as odd until I remembered Jenny’s tweets about how freaked out the manager of the Buckhead, GA Barnes & Noble was about the number of peeps who’d appeared for her signing.

I went right to the tent she would be appearing in and sat through a couple of other authors, moving closer and closer to the podium as the audience came and went. I ended up sitting in the first row to the right side of the podium. (Well, right side as you looked out from the stage, left side as you looked at the podium.) I was just sitting there and knitting when a man sat next to me. Oh, “Hi there Baratunde Thurston, author of How To Be Black.” He was there for the 5 or so minutes while waiting for his turn to speak. He asked what I was making but before I could answer, a volunteer from the festival interrupted. I tweeted to him the next day – @baratunde Hi. Sat next to you before your presentation. You asked what I was making. It’s a scarf, for a weasel who belongs to @TheBloggess.

Yes, I was knitting Ron Weasel-y’s scarf. (I gave it to her in Annapolis though as I had to leave right after the festival to go to a birthday party.) You may have heard my squeal of delight when she posted this pic on her blog –

Tell me this picture doesn’t get you singing the Chaka Khan song….

So, Baratunde spoke and I kept on knitting. He was actually really engaging – if you get a chance to hear him speak, please do so. You won’t be disappointed. There were two more authors before Jenny was scheduled to appear. Steve Coll of Washington Post fame was the speaker before Jenny. His discussion was all about the Exxon Valdez oil spill. As he spoke I watched as the sparse audience filled up. Soon all the seats were taken and then the crowd started to line up on the outer perimeter. Completely standing room only. I wish I’d thought to video the crowd. It was ginormous. Once he left, there was a scramble to get the few seats that were given up. Then it was time for The Bloggess.

Every other author who’d come in had a volunteer with them as well as a spokesperson from the Book Store that was sponsoring the Festival. What did Jenny have? She had a police escort. Literally, two officers in front, two in back, plus others thrown in in case they weren’t enough. It was Amazeballs!  The book store peep introduced her and then she came on stage. It was a great presentation and I videoed all of it. (Is videoed a word? If not, it should be.)  She read “The Psychopath on the Other Side of the Bathroom Door” from LPTNH and did a Q&A. I was hoping to film the police escort out of the tent but she had a lot of people come up to her at the end, which is why the video ends sort of weirdly. Grab a Diet Coke or a Wine Slushie, get some popcorn and prepare to be amused.

Countdown to New Shoes Album Day 10, Track 6


(Post edited – each day, a new song was previewed. The preview link was the same every day. I have removed those links as they are now dead. As the band releases videos, I’ll adjust links for specific songs. Your best bet right now is to head on over to ShoesWire.com and buy Ignition. You won’t be disappointed. The guys put a great deal of time and thought into this album and the songs are stellar.)

Shoes, that amazing Power Pop band from Zion, Illinois, has been working on a new album for over a year. It’s titled Ignition and will have an “Extreme Fan” release on July 3rd. Every day, starting on June 18, they are revealing a new song, counting down from Track 15.


Track 6 is Wrong Idea by John Murphy.

Buy Ignition from ShoesWire.com.

(John Murphy)

What’s gotten into you lately
It’s hard to know where I stand
‘Cause nothin’ good has ever come out of
Disassembling what we’ve learned about love

Tried to explain the situation
It’s gotten way out of hand
Things get blown out of proportion
And caused a problem where there never was one

Just let it lay where it may land

Don’t get the wrong idea, baby
Don’t let ‘em box you in
You’re not prepared to handle love again
There’s no tellin’ how it shoulda been
So the wrong ideas don’t do you in

It’s no use to figure every angle
If you know what’s good for you
It’s a thankless job–at least that’s what I’ve heard
I feel that I’ve bent over backwards

How could you not see what it’s grown into


The thoughts I keep inside all still apply
I’ve been hopin’ you’d help me to understand
Can’t ya tell that I’d never wanna jeopardize
What we have so that’s why I’ll try the best that I can


Can’t we try to come to some agreement
Don’t be so sure that we can
We hit a snag–that’s all there is to it
It’ll take a little push to get through it

You leave me no choice than to play my hand

Don’t get the wrong idea, baby
Don’t let ‘em box you in


John: lead/backing vocals, Papoose guitars, bass
Gary: backing vocals, electric guitars
Jeff: backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars

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