Countdown to New Shoes Album Day 3, Track 13


(Post edited – each day, a new song was previewed. The preview link was the same every day. I have removed those links as they are now dead. As the band releases videos, I’ll adjust links for specific songs. Your best bet right now is to head on over to and buy Ignition. You won’t be disappointed. The guys put a great deal of time and thought into this album and the songs are stellar.)

Shoes, that amazing Power Pop band from Zion, Illinois, has been working on a new album for over a year. It’s titled Ignition and will have an “Extreme Fan” release on July 3rd. Every day, starting on June 18, they are revealing a new song, counting down from Track 15.


Track 13 is Out of Round by Jeff Murphy. It was inspired by a conversation he had with the widow of a friend who passed away suddenly from an illness.

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(Jeff Murphy)

Since you went away
There’s a sadness every day in my heart
Your message on our phone
“Leave your number we’re not home” still remains
So I can hear your voice

Life goes on
But the world seems out of round… to me
People say “you’ll get over it one day”
But now, it’s so hard to see

Nothing stays the same
Every life is full of change ‘til it’s gone
Every thing I do feels so different without you
But I know I’ll survive this pain

Life goes on
But the world seems out of round…somehow
People say “you’ll get over it one day”
But now, you don’t see a way

Life goes on
But the world seems out of round
People say “you’ll get over it one day”
You don’t see a way
‘Cause the world is out of round


Jeff: lead/backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, piano
Gary: backing vocals, electric guitars (includes lead)
John: backing vocals, bass, tambourine

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