As a girl who became a teenager in the 1980’s, I can remember when this amazing thing came onto cable television. It was called MTV and they played music videos. (I know – can you believe?)

It is through this new medium that I discovered the wonder that is Shoes, a band of four boys from Zion, IL, who put out the catchiest music. The four videos that were featured on MTV came from their album Present Tense. As I was about 11 when I first saw them, I had no way of going out and buying records so my love for them was only through the songs I’d seen.

At 16, as a working class stiff, licensed driver and car owner, I had the funds and ability to buy records. I discovered the Present Tense LP at a used record shop. I took it home and played it. I loved the whole thing. Even though I have hundreds of records, this was the one LP that saw continual record player play until the early 2000’s, when I discovered the band’s website – I ended up buying all the available music they had. I loved it all.

Fast forward to present day. The band is working on a new release – Ignition. A book is in the works as well, written by Mary E. Donnelly called Boys Don’t Lie, A History of Shoes. She appeared on the WHRW show The Signal with Chris Kocher to talk about it. If you have a couple of hours to hang out and listen, it’s a great, informative show.

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