Monthly Archives: January 2012

Riley on Marketing and Food


My local ABC station showed a YouTube video at Christmas that featured a little girl named Riley talking about how toys were marketed to children. She was not happy that girls only had pink stuff to pick from. Truly, a child wise beyond her years as she seems to understand the idea of gender stereotyping as a 4 year old.

Liked the video so much that I looked at other videos her parents had posted and found what is probably the best discussion of food I have ever heard. I know it’s long but the first 2:05 are the best, at least for me. Her facial expressions, hand movements and her pronunciation of various foods is yummalicious. It also explains why she’s holding a Fred from Scooby Doo doll in the marketing video.

“That’s the only thing they have on the menu for me, the only thing.”

Gahhhhh, now they’ve made a remixed version of Riley on Marketing. I’m putting this song on my iPod.

Rick Santorum has taken away my innocence.


At first, Rick Santorum was just a  man who no one had ever heard of.

Then Jon Stewart and the Daily Show gave us all the meaning behind the name.–60-seconds

Ummmm, ewwwwwwwww. I’m with Keira Knightley on this one. Frothy?