Monthly Archives: June 2011

Hoobastank – From The Heart


I’m in a cleaning frenzy today and I clean faster when I have music to listen to. Decided on Hoobastank and put them on. When I’ve neglected them for a while, and then listen to them again, I’m amazed how awesome they are.

From the Heart is one of the songs that just resonates with me. Wonderful message – oh how I wish I had had them in high school to listen to. Alas, the boys were still in elementary school at that time.

No official video for this so I’m picking one that isn’t all anime.

But they kept on saying we’d never
Amount to anything
All of the dreams we’ve built up from the ground
They never believed them
They just tore them down
We will rebuild them from the start
We will rebuild them from the heart

No, I’m not that Madame Wong.


Wondered why my views had jumped up so much and realized that a rave club had been given the name Madame Wong’s. Apparently the NYPD shut them down more than once and now they are gone for good.

I was here with my blog long before the club was in existence, and have referred to myself as Madame Wong for over 15 years.  And by that, I mean I have answered my home phone with the greeting “Madame Wong’s House of Whoopee. How may we help you?”. I do not call myself Madame Wong. I’m a shiksa mom of 3 with a penchant for craftiness, not silly drunken debauchery in underground clubs.

Thanks for the page views peeps. 🙂