Daily Archives: May 12, 2011



Why would Kirstie Alley, a woman who has had weight issues for years, talk about her recent weight loss and claim that she started Dancing With The Stars at a size 12 and is now nearly a size 6? Hello, you’re still much bigger than me and I am a 12…

I know weight is a horrible thing to have out in public but I think it would be better to just say “Yes, I’ve lost X amount of pounds” or “I’ve gone down X dress sizes.” Don’t make up numbers, especially some that are so blatantly false. She may have started out an 18 or 16 and might be down to a 14, but there is NO way she is down to a 6. She’s creating a false impression for others and herself.

If she doesn’t own it, she won’t keep it off.

James Taylor, Fire and Rain


James Taylor, performing Fire and Rain, 5/11/11 at the Hippodrome, Baltimore, MD. Due to camera stubborness, I missed the first few notes and as my PowerShot only shoots 3 minutes at a time, there’s a hiccup as well.