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Eye Love Stitchery – I Heart Cupcakes


I love a good pictogram so much that I’m creating a line of handstitched pictograms for my Etsy store. 

I Heart Cupcakes



Why would Kirstie Alley, a woman who has had weight issues for years, talk about her recent weight loss and claim that she started Dancing With The Stars at a size 12 and is now nearly a size 6? Hello, you’re still much bigger than me and I am a 12…

I know weight is a horrible thing to have out in public but I think it would be better to just say “Yes, I’ve lost X amount of pounds” or “I’ve gone down X dress sizes.” Don’t make up numbers, especially some that are so blatantly false. She may have started out an 18 or 16 and might be down to a 14, but there is NO way she is down to a 6. She’s creating a false impression for others and herself.

If she doesn’t own it, she won’t keep it off.

James Taylor, Fire and Rain


James Taylor, performing Fire and Rain, 5/11/11 at the Hippodrome, Baltimore, MD. Due to camera stubborness, I missed the first few notes and as my PowerShot only shoots 3 minutes at a time, there’s a hiccup as well.

Guess Who


The first thing I noticed was her hair. Long brown hair, freshly brushed and swinging back and forth against her lower back. Then I looked down and saw her rhinestone studded hot pink slingback heels. Her low rise skinny Guess jeans offered a naughty peek of skin both front and back, helped in part by her midriff baring hot pink fitted t-shirt.

She was walking with a woman who could have been her sister. But no, it was her mom. The same mother who dressed her 3 year old daughter in clothing that on a 20 year old would be provacative but on a toddler made my stomache turn.

Why the Hell does Guess make skinny jeans for toddlers? And the shoes. They didn’t even look like play shoes. This teeny girl was wearing 1″ high heels. Really. If my phone weren’t dead, I’d have a picture to back this up. I am so appalled by what I saw. Ewwwwwww, just ewwwww. Truly, this mom has decided that her daughter needs early training in the art of dressing like a hoochie mama.