Monthly Archives: May 2010

The Joys of Human Growth and Development Classes


My 5th grade daughter had three days of Human Growth & Development classes this week. The first day was fairly harmless with talk of friends and friendship.

When I picked her up yesterday, Day 2, she explained that the teachers had diagrams of girls and separate ones of boys and that they used them when explaining “well, you know what”. (When you’re 10, you do not vocalize things in regards to sex, it’s too gross.) How did she end this conversation?

“Mom, I am scarred.”

Today was even better. It was all about puberty. After school I asked if she learned anything new and exciting.

“New? Yes. Exciting? No. Disturbing? Definitely.”

Amusing Spammers


I always check my spam folder to make sure nothing legitimate ended up there by mistake.

While taking a look just now, I saw this gem –

A it sniff. Which to longship canalise escutcheon. dismast at clearance.

What? I don’t even know how to begin trying to understand this subject line, and perhaps that was the sender’s whole intent as I had to open the mail just to see what naughtiness was enclosed. By the bluntness of the short but sweet message inside, they apparently do have an understanding of English. I don’t think I’d want to click the redirecting link that was included. I think my eyes would burn…