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To the guy who decided to start up a conversation with me last night on the Metro


I do not agree with your points for the following reasons –

1. Why do I need a robot to knit for me? I knit due to a compulsive need to keep my hands busy. How does Knit-o-matic version 3.5 help with that? Oh, and I do just fine selling my technology free scarves, thanks.

2. Making snarky comments to the super cute science teacher in the seat opposite me is not the way to get a date. “If they can’t answer an 8th year physics question, I know they only do general science.”

3. Are you serious that a child isn’t raised correctly / properly if they’re not doing Calculus in 8th grade? I was lucky to pass Algebra II, and I went to a school for the gifted. Some of us are not mathematically inclined.

4. Classes like PE aren’t necessary? Have you heard about childhood obesity? Let’s just stop trying to get our kids on a healthy track. Heaven forbid, a child loses out on an extra science or math class so that they can play some basketball.

5. Regarding your assumption that the science teacher and I must know each other because we were both knitting, had a bag for our knitting and were wearing, wait for it – coats, are you just brilliant and moronic? Lots of people knit and it helps to keep the knitting separate. As for the coats – dude, it was 35 out last night. Everyone was wearing coats, even you.

6. I think you need to go back to the sign shop – the giant Virgin sign blinking in bright neon over your head isn’t quite big enough.

The Mark McGwire / Bob Costas interview


Bob: Would you have had so many over 50 homerun seasons if you hadn’t taken steroids?

Mark: Yes, I would have. The man upstairs gave me this gift to hit baseballs.

(Me, on the couch: Dude, you’re an idiot, you say “You know,  I really am not sure, but I would like to think so.”)

Did he have no one prep him for this interview? I’m married to a journalist who has loads of journalist friends and friends who have worked in media relations, public relations and crisis management. Any newbie in any of those fields could have given him better answers to give. I’m not saying lie, I’m saying think about what you say before you say it. Honestly.

Make sad faces all you want. Yes, you can hit a ball, probably better than alot of ballplayers ever but steroids gave you extra power. Extra power = a harder hit and a harder hit = balls flying farther.