Daily Archives: August 11, 2009

The downside of craftiness


We’re in the middle of a move from Georgia to Maryland. I have spent all summer getting the house in MD ready to move in to. It was a foreclosure and needed loads of work (see posts about remodeling).  I’ve already driven a Suburban load of stuff up as well as a full 17′ U-Haul. That took care of 90% of the dining room stuff as well as the master bedroom.It’s finally at a point where we can move the rest of the stuff from Georgia.

As I go room to room and pack, I realize we have alot of… stuff (thank you George Carlin). Being a crafty person, I have ALOT of crafty stuff. There are the boxes of scrapbook paper, die cuts, embellishments and tools. Oh, did I mention? I don’t scrapbook. I do some paper craft – making ACEOs, and the kids use the stuff for school projects but wow, when you’re putting it into boxes, you come to realize exactly how much you really have.

I make jewelry, and with a store called Beaded and Buttoned, you won’t be surprised to know that I have lots of beads and buttons, plus tools and findings. Then there are the gadgets – the wire jig, the groovy widgets that let you make things from cotton & yarn. Oh, and several boxes full of bagged items that are finished and are either listed in my Etsystore or waiting to be listed.

Oh, and I knit. Boxes and boxes of yarn are already up north, and I keep finding bags with 1 or 2 skeins here and there as I start to load stuff up. I still have a 5 drawer dresser in my bedroom here that has 4 drawers full of yarn. There’s the drawer full of knitting needles, the set of round looms plus the bins of finished scarves.

I have alot of STUFF. It seems to be a never ending round of form a box, fill a box, tape a box. The empty dining room is now box central. I have to remember that craftiness is my hobby. It keeps my hands busy and keeps my brain occupied. A few days of overwhelming, well, overwhelmingness is not so bad in the scheme of things.