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Unpacking from a move…


As I sit here in what is my new office in my house in Silver Spring, MD, I am surrounded by chaos. There are boxes EVERYWHERE. Some are full, some are empty. Some are stuffed with tissue or bubblewrap while some have already been broken down. There is stuff on the floor, on furniture – even furniture on furniture. The kitchen counter is so crowded with assorted things that I was lucky to find my coffee maker this morning.

Unpacking from a big move is no fun.  I’m hoping that I will get the kitchen sorted today. It’s always hard to find new homes for things when they’ve had another home in another house. Have to keep thinking about space and ease of use and logistics. It’s too early to think of logistics right now… Perhaps after another cup of coffee or two my brain will function better. Wish me luck.

Don’t Change by INXS


Don’t Change by INXS – Michael Hutchence, such a wonderful presence with such an amazing voice (and such a sad end). This song reminds me of driving with my top down back in the late 80’s.When I’m in my car now, if is comes on the radio, the volume gets cranked. “I found a love I had lost. It was gone for too long.”

Originally, I had the actual video for this but it was pulled. This is a video montage based on a live performance. He was so freaking amazing to see live. Just non stop movement. I wish he had been better able to battle his demons.

Nothin’ by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss


Another favorite song. –

Nothin’ by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

The CD, Raising Sand, that this comes from is wonderful. This song is magical. Robert Plant has always been one of my favorite singers, the voice he has in this song… God, I can’t even describe. Just low and slow and sexy and… unh, was it good for you, too? When I listen to it while wearing headphones, it’s like he’s whispering it. Even better… “Sorrow and solitude These are the precious things And the only words that are worth remembering.”

Shake the Disease by Depeche Mode


Well, it seems a shame to have a blog but not to contribute to it on a daily basis. My issue is my move. I’ve finally done the big part and have moved 80% of our belongings from GA to MD. Now my time is full of unpacking etc.

I figure the easiest thing to do to ensure that I have regular posts is to post about my favorite songs. Song # 1 is an oldie but a goody!

Shake the Disease by Depeche Mode How can you not love a song that begins “I’m not going down on my knees, begging you to adore me. Can’t you see it’s misery and torture for me?” Martin Gore is one hell of a songwriter and Dave Gahan can sing the hell out of his songs. Oh, and the best 16th birthday present ever – they released this song 4/29/85. “Understand me. Understand me. Understand me. Understand me.”

Nora Roberts & Errol Flynn


And this is why a Nora Roberts book can be a fun read – “There were times he made her impatient. He was a bit too impulsive, and often showy. Errol Flynning it, she thought.”

I admire a writer who can work Errol Flynn into a supernatural tale about witches, demon hunters and vampires… (Dance of the Gods)

Granite loveliness


So, I’ve been back in Georgia for a week and a half. Today, my hubby got to play host to the granite installers at the house in Maryland. The pictures he has sent are wonderful. Shivakashi Burgundy Granite looks like a perfect match to cabinets finished in Cabernet.

New granite countertop installed

New granite countertop installed

Once cabinetless wall with cabinets and countertop

Once cabinetless wall with cabinets and countertop

Next stop is backsplash, which I’ll do myself, once I decide what I want to use. I’d love to find a bargain on glass tiles. I’ll be wandering stores with a piece of cabinet & a piece of counter in hand.

Julie & Julia


So, just returned home from the movie Julie & Julia. Very sweet. Loved seeing Julia “become” Julia. Julie’s story was fun as well. I’ve found her blog and have gone back to the beginning so that I can read it in order.

Regarding the movie. I was amused at what they did to Meryl to give her Julia’s height. Her platform shoes were awesome, and very time period specific. I loved that they camouflaged her legs and feet with scenery when she was stationary. I’m thinking this was to hide the box that she was standing on. Stanley Tucci was amazing as always, although I was disturbed by the preview of Lovely Bones that was shown just before this movie where he apparently is the killer of a young girl. Hard to reconcile creepy Stanley with charming Stanley.

Great movie for foodies, people in need of a calm couple of hours and fans of any of the stars. You won’t be disappointed.

The downside of craftiness


We’re in the middle of a move from Georgia to Maryland. I have spent all summer getting the house in MD ready to move in to. It was a foreclosure and needed loads of work (see posts about remodeling).  I’ve already driven a Suburban load of stuff up as well as a full 17′ U-Haul. That took care of 90% of the dining room stuff as well as the master bedroom.It’s finally at a point where we can move the rest of the stuff from Georgia.

As I go room to room and pack, I realize we have alot of… stuff (thank you George Carlin). Being a crafty person, I have ALOT of crafty stuff. There are the boxes of scrapbook paper, die cuts, embellishments and tools. Oh, did I mention? I don’t scrapbook. I do some paper craft – making ACEOs, and the kids use the stuff for school projects but wow, when you’re putting it into boxes, you come to realize exactly how much you really have.

I make jewelry, and with a store called Beaded and Buttoned, you won’t be surprised to know that I have lots of beads and buttons, plus tools and findings. Then there are the gadgets – the wire jig, the groovy widgets that let you make things from cotton & yarn. Oh, and several boxes full of bagged items that are finished and are either listed in my Etsystore or waiting to be listed.

Oh, and I knit. Boxes and boxes of yarn are already up north, and I keep finding bags with 1 or 2 skeins here and there as I start to load stuff up. I still have a 5 drawer dresser in my bedroom here that has 4 drawers full of yarn. There’s the drawer full of knitting needles, the set of round looms plus the bins of finished scarves.

I have alot of STUFF. It seems to be a never ending round of form a box, fill a box, tape a box. The empty dining room is now box central. I have to remember that craftiness is my hobby. It keeps my hands busy and keeps my brain occupied. A few days of overwhelming, well, overwhelmingness is not so bad in the scheme of things.