Amanda Palmer is on Patreon


I’ve been aware of Patreon for about a year as I follow a crafty type peep who uses it to post really fabulous card making videos. As soon as I saw the email from Amanda Palmer about her starting a go at Patreon, I know it would be ideal for her. Amanda doesn’t really follow “the rules” about how an artist “should” behave. Patreon will allow her to post whatever sort of content she wants and will allow her to receive pledges based on that content. I immediately signed up to be a Patron. You can, too – Amanda Palmer is Creating Art.

I’ll be perfectly honest. I own no AFP music. I had no part in the Kickstarter. I’ve never been to a show. Why would I back someone I wasn’t a fan of? I am a fan – just for different reasons. First – my Big Kid is a long time admirer. There’s also the fact that Amanda is married to Neil Gaiman and I love his writing and both of them have been wonderful to Jenny Lawson / The Bloggess. (Being nice to people I like is a good gateway – if you’re supportive of others, people will want to be supportive of you.) I really enjoy Amanda’s Twitterings and love how she is very out of the box. And you know what? She’s kind of adorable.