Foo Fighters – Low


As I ready myself for the best 4th of July ever with the Foo Fighter’s 20th Anniversary Show at RFK, I’m listening to all the albums again, over and over. I’d forgotten how much I love the song Low. Especially in headphones because the guitars just travel back and forth so well.

I’m not sure how I never saw this video but, man, did Dave and Jack Black have some fun with this shoot. As a video commenter said “My dad came to my room while i was watching this and I switched to porn. It’s easier to explain.” (Kraghinkoff)

Foo Fighters Broken Leg Tour


Yesterday, the Foo Fighters posted this on Twitter and Facebook.

I got there at 5:30 am (first in line, WOOO!) At about 9:45, they started taking down the window coverings. This was the first shirt I saw and I was so amused by it.

“The Broken Leg Tour”. Gotta love that Dave Grohl.

A Daredevil 19th Anniversary


Yesterday was our 19th anniversary. The husband has been collecting Daredevil comic books for longer than I’ve been alive – this is the kind of thing that happens when you marry someone who is 16 years older. Anyway, when I learned that Funko would be releasing Daredevil POP! Vinyl figures in June, I knew what my anniversary present for the year was going to be.